No matter what home renovation project you are currently involved with, we can help you save time, money, and most importantly, research our pool of qualified contractors and remodelers that can fit your particular needs.

As we all know, each individual house and renovation job has it's own needs and particulars.  At A-List Renovation Consultants, we will help you screen contractors, find discounted materials, check references, and personally review all contracts, scope of work, proper permits, and assist you with finding the BEST products and BEST workmanship for your renovation and insurance claims needs.

We've all heard the nightmare stories of renovation contactors that default, don't do work as promised, workers absent from the job site for days, and the horrible insurance adjuster who doesn't want to truly help you with a claim.
This is where you need an experience partner like A-List Renovation Consultants.

If you are not experienced in construction, or home remodeling, why would you gamble your hard earned money when we can assit you and save you money, time and stress?